“If you are looking for a title company that will handle your closing with ease, Paramount Land Title is the place to go! From our first deal together, I knew I had found the title company I could depend upon. Their title work is top notch, and Jessica and Eric are so easy to work with, you never have to worry about a thing! As a Realtor, who my buyers use as their title company is extremely important to me. I want them to have someone who will not only protect their new investment, but will have the experience to recognize potential pitfalls. Jessica and Eric fit the bill perfectly! They will ensure that you close on time, and speaking from experience, they may even arrange for the closing at the client’s work location. One of my clients is a baseball coach, so we actually closed his new home purchase at the ballpark! Having someone that cares about their customer makes the closing process great for everyone involved. You cannot go wrong with Paramount Land Title, give them a try and you’ll be happy you did!”

Becky B.

“Paramount Land Title is our preferred business partner for all of our Title and Legal needs. The entire staff at Paramount has always, since day one, been focused on excellent service and the staff seems truly committed to meeting or exceeding their customers’ expectations. They are prompt, thorough and friendly and are a valuable asset to our business. We highly recommend Paramount Title!”

JP Ventures
Full Service Real Estate

“As a real estate broker, my team depends on working with professionals that meet our clients’ needs consistently, efficiently and with the same attention to detail that we do. Paramount Land Title always exceeds our expectations and that is why we will continue to refer business to them.”

Jeff & Sarah L.

“As a mortgage consultant of almost twenty years, I have to say, Paramount Land Title delivers the best service of any title company I have closed with in Tennessee. Jessica Long and Scott Pearson are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get my mortgage loans closed on time and without stress. Last minute closing? No problem. They will make it work and make YOU look like the professional you strive to be. How do I know? They have done all of these things for me and many of my Realtor-partners and fellow mortgage consultants.

I know I can count on the Paramount Land Title. It is the ONE sure thing in an industry of so much uncertainty. AND having an attorney like Scott Pearson you can call and get advice the same day is priceless. I highly recommend Paramount Land Title.”

Norma W.
Mortgage Lender